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Gameday Thread: Nationals @ Mets, Game 3 (W)
« Reply #100: September 16, 2005, 05:10:17 AM »
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Sweet Jesus... I rescind everything I said because apparently there is no game four, and it's not on ESPN.  But good God!  I saw it with my own eyes!  I was looking for tomorrow's game on the ESPN schedule and saw "Washington Nationals vs. New York Mets -- ESPN" there.  Whew... I think I need more rest.  Jesus, Jesus, Jesus... maybe the schedule was as screwy as the Gamecast.  I feel absolutely stupid and completely bewildered at the same time  :shock:  :shock:  :shock:  :shock:  :shock:

Reading 80 pages in a biography of Muhammad in one sitting to catch up on classwork isn't very good for your sanity either.  I'm pretty sure that was it: I was distracted both by my work and by the game.

Either that or I'm just freaking nuts... sorry, guys, for my absolutely weird comments earlier!

We forgive you.  Now read up some more on Muhammad and see if you can't muster up some jihadi mojo for the Nationals' series against those Vatican-loving, sinisterly casuistic Jesuitical Padres.  

Given that they humiliated us at RFK when they came out to visit, we could use all the help we can get.  They've been tailspinning lately...let's not be the team that brings them out of their funk, what say?

(P.S. You really need to buy an XTC album.  Hyper-intelligent art-pop.  Black Sea or English Settlement, but be forewarned that lead singer Andy Partridge sings like a seal barks occasionally.)

Got 20 more pages in before breakfast (helps that I woke up at 4:00 and couldn't fall back asleep).  The Papists don't stand a chance.

I'll get Black Sea when I get the money for it.  I had heard some of their songs before and was turned off by Andy Partridge's voice but I didn't like a lot of people's voices at first.  I just spent my $50 monthly budget for disposable money but I'll download it (and maybe a couple other albums) and if I like it, I'll buy it in a couple of weeks.  Some people say that's a waste of money but I think it's a lot easier to bcome attached an album if you've got the real thing (I downloaded the new Sigur Ros disc about a month ago when it leaked, and like it a lot more now that I own it).  In general, if it's a big band that's made enough dough already, I don't buy it, but if it's a lesser-known or indie band I'm more than happy to give them my cash.