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Pitching Choices for the Post Season
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I think it might be best (at least for the first year of new ownership) that they keep Hernandez, Loaiza and Patterson in the rotation and add a couple of good left-handers. Since the Rangers wont be able to afford Kenny Rogers, he might be an option, as would Ted Lilly, who when healthy, is a very good starter, and then there's also Jarrod Washburn who would fit in nicely in the 5th spot in the rotation as well.

If the Nats can sign a pair of quality starters, they could then focus their attention on improving the offense. It would be nice to have an offense that can score runs consistently. Less than 4 runs a game average is not gonna cut it. The Nats needs that extra offense so those pitchers can pitch deeper into the games.

And don't forget there may very be some very interesting names who'll be non-tendered and in itself could greatly improve the Free Agent pool...