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Frank Robinson's Brain
« Topic Start: September 13, 2005, 05:25:50 PM »
I think the next eighteen games are going to be very good in helping us find out just how FR thinks. Your team is most likely not gonna make the playoffs, although they are mathematically in it. Boswell made a damn good statement, he said that this time of year teams that are just trying to hang on to any playoffs hope or the .500 mark, which the Nats are doing both, either send out their best team everyday and fight till they're eliminated mathematically or play next year's prospects give them some experience time/ show them off for potential trades. Boswell points out that the Nats are in position to do both. Rick Short, old as he maybe, has really been impressive lately (his two homeruns are against DONTRELLE AND SMOLTZ of all people) and Ryan Church, Marlon Byrd, and Ryan Zimmerman, could do nothing to hurt our teams offense because it already sucks to the highest possible caliber. So, what I'm saying is if FR doesnt start these people more often over the next eighteen games, he does not deserve to come back next year.
This is what I personally think, anyone agree or disagree?