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Re: Nationals @ Phillies, Game 2
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The Phillies pitching is 100 times better than the Mets.  Didn't you just watch us score 10 runs a game against the Mets in NY earlier in the week?  The Phillies offense is 100 times better than the Mets too.  If the Mets squeak in they will lose in the first round, no doubt.  I can actually see the Phillies going deep. 

1. C. Hamels
2. J. Moyer
3. A. Eaton
4. K. Lohse
5. K. Kendrick

1. T. Glavine
2. P. Martinez
3. O. Perez
4. J. Maine
5. O. Hernandez

I'd take the Mets starters any day.