Author Topic: Maybe we can add them to the Nats bar list next year!  (Read 740 times)

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From the Dogfish Head website:

Falls Church Alehouse Opens For Business!

Type: Press Release

Start Date: 9/26/2007

Restaurant: DFH Alehouse, Falls Church

Location: Falls Church, VA [6363 Seven Corners Shopping Center, Rt. 7 side in old Uno location.]

For Immediate Release, 9/26/07

We wanted to open quitely, without fanfare (at least to start with), but the word is out!

The brand spankin new Dogfish Head Alehouse, Falls Church, VA plans to open for business at 4pm on Wednesday, September 26, 2007.

Sure, there's no signage or landscaping... but we won't let that stop us (last minute issues with permitting, now that might change the plans!)! The Alehouse opens for business today.

Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head founder/President plans to be there to enjoy a few pints of 60 Minute IPA from 4pm - 6pm (maybe he'll even buy you one if you're there too!).

Come by and check us out! We're hoping to get all the final touches complete and work the kinks out over the next few weeks... then we'll have a proper Grand Opening... stay tuned!

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That's some damn good news.  Knock back a couple of 90 minute IPA's and just watch the world drift by........

I hear the 120 minute isn't too bad either.

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I hear that they have a tube full of hops that you can have your beer passed through before drinking...not that Dogfish IPA is exactly lacking in the hops department to begin with!!

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We checked out the place last night and it looks more like the Gaithersburg outpost than Rehoboth, with the bar totally separate from the restaurant. There are four large-screen television sets mounted in each corner of the square bar room, so you can see television from any corner of the bar in the middle of the room (also square) or from the booths on the room's perimeter. The bartender said whoever gets there first gets to control the television, so persistent Nats fans may be rewarded. We're thinking of eating lunch there tomorrow to position ourselves optimally for the game at 3 p.m.

Oh yeah, the restaurant is smoke-free like its corporate cousins. Hard to believe in the Old Dominion!

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day game???  I didn't realize that one.

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3:55, if Fox doesn't stand us up again.  (There were some pointed remarks on last night's MASN broadcast about how a certain network had inconvenienced Nats fans earlier in the season.)