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That's just sad, IMO.

Sad, and stupid.  I dated a girl in high school, who was modestly endowed.  I ran into her a few years later, and she had obviously been a late bloomer, very substantial build.  I have three thoughts on the subject:

1- Whether she was small or big up front, she was still an attractive woman to me, but no more one way or the other;

2- Doing body work in high school is way premature, there may be changes yet to occur naturally, and

3- By surgically enhancing oneself, you are boosting your appeal to the very men you should be avoiding, the "breast worshipers".  If I had ever found out that somebody I'd been dating had surgically enhanced themselves, that would have been a huge warning sign to me - SHALLOW, YOU'LL BE BORED SOON".

end of rant.