Author Topic: Who's your American League Team?  (Read 1606 times)

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Who's your American League Team?
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Heresy though it might be, I stick with the Orioles.  I always kinda-sorta-rooted for them in that Washingtonian "I suppose it's the closest to a home team we've got" sort of way that I suspect many here understand.  (Keep in mind I was born in 1980, when baseball was but a distant memory in Washington.)  

I loathe Angelos for all the obvious reasons, but my hatred for him (which has blossomed even more brightly in the last year) has no bearing on my respect for the team.  I always liked guys like Palmeiro and Surhoff, and I can't really understand how anybody could fail to respect players like Brian Roberts (whose breakout, fortuitously enough, has come at the one time when steroid use ISN'T a suspicion) and Miguel Tejada.

Then again, my father offered a hilarious counterargument to this logic: "Well jeez, I admire Rommel, but that doesn't mean I'm pulling for Hitler and the Nazis!"