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Re: Nationals @ Phillies, Game 2
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Hill actually has been quite consistent.
#s before All Star Break: 50 IP 37 H 18 R 15 ER 2 HR 16 BB 33 SO (3-3, 2.70 ERA)
#s after All Star Break: 47.1 IP 49 H 24 R 22 ER 7 HR 9 BB 32 SO (1-1, 4.18 ERA<---- lower than Jason's ERA on the season)

Jason is very solid, in fact he hasn't lost a game in his last 10 starts which is Excellent, but Hill is still a little better overall. 

I was looking at Hill from before injury and after, not before and after all stars.  I know that Hill's ERA is definitely better!  But Berg has a better era against NL East batters.  They are both extremely talented pitchers.  No doubt about that.  But I'm not ready to use the ace term.  We need to let them both continue developing into the pitchers we know they can be.