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The clubhouse and chemistry
« Topic Start: September 03, 2005, 09:22:34 AM »
It's really sad to read day after day about the various team meetings, rules changes, comments from anonymous sources, and general unrest surrounding this team.  It really seems that this team does not like each other.  I have read many comments from Wilkerson recently criticizing the teams intensity. Although I give him credit for not being anonymous, he needs to shut up.  To me, what I will remember about Wilkerson this year is him showing up out of shape, getting hurt, and then striking out.

If I had to guess at the culprits I would say that Castilla and Nick Johnson may be the two least intense looking players I have ever seen.  They don't seem to have any fire in their belly and I think recent comments made by Frank seem to be pointing at Castilla (also The Washington Post comments today about how he was laughing after the game with Loaiza).  I don't think Johnson has recovered from his injury and he has been pretty bad since his return.  

I would also add Livan Hernandez seems disinterested although I assume that is just his personality.  However, this may leak over to the rest of the guys.  

I just want to know how it went wrong so fast.

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The clubhouse and chemistry
« Reply #1: September 03, 2005, 09:49:27 AM »
I just read the article linked from the Nats home page - looks like Frank laid down the law after Thursday night's game.  Really worked didn't it?

 He's simply not a motivator, doesn't have a clue. Sure they made a couple dumb mistakes, but they fought back from a 7-1 deficit to tie, and the loss in extra innings was devastating.  That was not the time for punishment.  They played pathetically last night and I put  the blame squarely on Frank.

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The clubhouse and chemistry
« Reply #2: September 03, 2005, 10:05:19 AM »
Last night was like a totally different club than the one we watched play in Atlanta this week :?

I just hope we can give our aces the support they need and take the next 2 from the Phils.