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here's what I would do
« Topic Start: September 02, 2005, 11:30:11 PM »
if I were the GM now....

1.  NOT have made the trade for Cruz - as much as I dislike Guzman, Cruz is not much of an improvement - never been that great as a hitter and Guz is a much better defender - couple of balls tonight that I believe Guzman would have gotten to.

2.  made the following callups - Zimmerman, Hughes, Harris, Short, Wilson (a catcher as I think we need another option for the last month as how many times has Frank not made a move to PH for Bennett because he only had Schnieder and didn't want to have to put him in the game fairly early) and another pitcher - maybe White.

3.  play the following - Zimmerman at 3B, Carroll/Guzman platoon at short, Harris (primary) 2B with Short and Baerga getting an occasional start, Nick at 1B, Schneider at C, Guillen in RF and then have to get playing time between Wilson/Wilkerson/Byrd and Church (when he comes off DL) for the other 2 slots which is why I wouldn't call up any other outfielders particularly 2 that are pretty much the same (aka Watson/Kelly).

4.  definitely need more pitching and since Armas and Ayala are hurt put them on the DL and get pitchers to fill their spots since no use having players that can't really play because they are hurt but taking up roster spots and not giving us any flexibility.

of course this would all mean that Frank would have to actually play the callups as no use having them here if they are going to ride the bench....will be interesting to see how many starts Zimmerman actually gets at third - my guess is that unless Vinny is incapacitated Zimm will get less than 5 starts the whole month.....Vinny is another one that should probably be on the DL.....

and not having Cruz would give us those few extra bucks for callups :)

just my 2 cents