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Re: Nationals vs Mets, Game 1
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Manny continues to play Logan over any logic.  Church is lefthanded and should be playing tonight just on that basis.  In the last month Logan has a .277 OBP and 25 K's in 87 AB's not what you want from lead-off hitter with no power.
It took him a month to get Lopez out of the line-up, two months to start playing Flores now a month of non-production from Logan to get him out of the line-up.  Church has exactly the same statistics as Kearns with a better SLG Pct. in 15 less games and he does not play.  Fick gets starts at 1B for Young all the time while Batista has produced all year.
It is stunning how many misjudgements these guys make all year that the normal fan has no problem seeing.