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Re: Minor leaguers who regressed in 2007
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I don't think Kasto was ever the real deal. His numbers in AA in 2006 weren't that fantastic but he was the only thing us fans had to look forward to with such a baron farm system so I think he received more hype and promise that he should have gotten.

Now that we have so much talent in the lower levels, these pre-Lerner draft picks are fading off the radar.

I tend to agree.  In due time I am hoping a combination of our restocked farm system, the Lerner's money, and a push for contention will have even several of our current big league players pushed off the radar because we've been so raped by the MLB for so long, we have sort of settled on used goods.  Guys like Logan, Belliard, Young, Fick, Jimenez, should all be moved for youngsters or just better players, plain and simple.

Kasto never really generated that much excitement outside of Nationals fans and even some of us were scratching our heads.