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Re: Nationals @ Marlins, Game 3
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What was so bad about our lineup?  Jiminez for Lopez, that's a wash.  Everybody's been crying about benching Lopez anyway, right?  Church and Langerhans for Kearns and Logan, that's not much different.  Okay, so Schneider vs. Flores is a step down, but Brian's our normal starter, so not sure where the little league lineup comes from.
Kearns, who is hitting the best on team was benched for Langerhans who can't hit .180 in the Majors.
I was OK with giving Young the day off but Fick shouldn't have started.  Batista should have.
Jimenez is god awful but yes Felipe is worse.  It's really a shame JB didn't call up Castro from AAA.
Schneider had no business starting today.  Day game after a night game.  Flores is better anyways.