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Re: Nationals @ Marlins, Game 1
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I'm guessing you didn't see what Randy did yesterday? 186 Yards and a TD where he burned 4 Jets defenders at 80% with a tight hammy. People think he fell of because he didn't do much in Oakland, that was only b/c they had NO QB and a horrible O-Line, and collectively a horrible offense. Now he's got one of the best throwing him the ball, he's gonna have a pro bowl season.

i saw the highlights, and 1. jets DBs aren't that special, i can't name anyone except Darelle Revis, a rookie nickel-back; 2. Tom Brady had all day to throw, if Moss couldn't get open then it would be a joke; 3. The Pats have so many weapons that they couldn't concentrate on Moss as if he was the main reciever. Teams double up on Marvin if they can and he still is the best. Moss could make a comeback, but it's only week 1.