Author Topic: Gameday Thread Double-Header: Nats @ Braves Gms 1,3 (W,L)  (Read 17580 times)

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Quote from: "Ryan Zimmerman"
Quote from: "Nationalzfanatic88"
Another 1-2-3 innings for our nonexistent offense, at least Livo made Thomson work for it, but seriously Ryan Zimmerman parlez-vous francais en Montreal?

Oui on parle francais a Montreal...beaucoup meme.Comment as tu appris le francais?

Sheesh, our offence is really really horrible.I hope, Bowden will make alot of changes, next year.We can't even score 4 runs most of the times.With a strong offence...we'd be first in our division.

yea, our offense is pretty pathetic, I hope our pitching can take us to the World Series. C'est mon reve!!!