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Re: Nationals vs Marlins, Game 3
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28 homers, 79 rbi's, and 43 doubles, along with all those strikeouts issomethin similar to what i envision WMP stats would look like in a full season

And a whopping 4 of the HR with RISP.  When it matters, he sucks.  RISP/2D he's driven in 9 in 74 chances with 22 K for a .123 efficiency; NL average efficiency is .302.  Bases loaded, 1 for 12 with 4 K for an efficiency of .083; NL average is .792.  In all RISP situations, Uggla's efficieny is .263, and the NL average is .390.  With runners on, and a run needed, Uggla is about the last guy you want up.  He's sits near the bottom among NL regulars in his efficiency at driving in men on base.  With 2 on in the 9th, there is almost nobody else the Nats would want up there than Dan Uggla, who is 4 times more likely to K than to produce a run in that situation.