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Re: Nationals vs Marlins, Game 2
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Marlins Summary:

The Fred struck again.

Top of 8th, Jacobs was the next to last batter. Pitcher spot coming 2nd in the top of the 9th.

Bottom of 8th, with Willis at 102 pitches (at which point his ERA peaks at 6.10), Wood goes into the to the game to START the inning. 3 batters later, Willis is predictably pulled. But Gardner, who throws 3 pitches, comes up second and has to be pulled for Linden.

Worse, if you are going to bat some body, would you rather have the guy hitting .245 as a PH and .262 vs RHP (Wood) or the guy hitting .222 as a PH and .216 against RHP (Linden). Not only did The Fred blow away the pitcher with the double switch, he blew away the better PH.

Finally, a defensive substitution?  Jacobs has a .993 FPCT.  At 1B, Wood has a .982 FPCT.

How many times will Tweedle Dee The Wonder Dummy make the same mistake? Well, besides daily.  The guy has no idea how to pull a double switch.