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My God, reading some of y'allz posts is baffeling!! You guys are all talking like you actually expected the Nationals to be 2.5 games out of the wildcard when its the END OF AUGUST. Come on, if you were an EXPOS fan, you should be relieved that your franchise is finally having a winning season, let alone being in the hunt for a playoff spot. If your a brand new fan, like me, you should be appreciating the fact that this team has given you something you havent expereinced for a while. I mean, not even the people who moved them here, thought they would be this good.
Another thing I want to clear up, the Nats going 20-6 in june was not a fluke, I repeat it WAS NOT A FLUKE!! Rather, it was the Nationals showing their true potentials. Remember those good old days, when Johnson was 100% healthy and hitting like crazy, Church was 100% healthy and playing EVERY DAY and Guillen was 100% healthy and hitting well. With those three hitters playing everyday, we had more than enough offense to back our stellar pitching. Now we dont have any of that, Johnson went on the DL and might still be hurting, Church is on the DL for the second time and Guillen is banged up almost as much as Wilkerson.
The ATLANTA BRAVES are a team. The FLORIDA MARLINS are a team. The HOUSTON ASTROS are a team. The WASHINGTON NATIONALS are a "TEAM IN PROGRESS" Coming into this season, the Nats orginazation did not know what to expect. Where they gonna get the same EXPOS performance from the year before? Where they gonna work together good as a team with all the new editions, such as Guillen, Guzman, Castilla and Loaiza? The simple truth is that, with one of the lowest payrolls in all of baseball, a brand new home and unlike all the other teams little understanding of their strength and weakness, the Nationals were able to rise to the top of the NL EAST, which unlike the NL WEST, is a very competitive division, and able to stay there for TWO WHOLE MONTHS. Sure, I want to see the Nats win games; sure I want to see them make the playoffs. But it seems that unlike most people here, I can see that this team has a brigther future ahead. With a new owner, we can increase our payroll. Now, that we know that we have the best bullpen in the Majors and Aces in Hernandez, Loaiza, and Patterson, we can go out and pick up a few bats and even add to our pitching. This team can come out and be extremely dominate next year.
All I'm really saying is, PLEASE have a little faith because this team has done a hell of a lot more than anyone EVER thought they could do. So, please, every time you want to comlain and nag about their offense, remember that this team-in-progress, has accomplished so much that NO ONE including themselves thought they could do!!! :wink:

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very nice post.


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Come on, if you were an EXPOS fan, you should be relieved that your franchise is finally having a winning season, let alone being in the hunt for a playoff spot.

As an Expos fan, I'm thinking that this year is basically 2002 or 2003 all over again: a team that doesn't really have enough talent to legitimately contend having a flukish hot stretch early in the season getting people to incorrectly think that the team is more than a .500 mediocrity. It's fun to be in contenion and all that, but the danger is that the GM or the owner might think that the team is actually better than it really is, and rather than tearing it down and rebuilding the franchsie into a contender, they think that all they need is to plug a few holes with some mediocre players, thereby guaranteeing a few more years of mediocrity.

I mean, take a hard look at the Nationals roster: are there any superstars there? Nope. Are there any stars there? Nope. Are there some good players? Yep, a couple (Guillen, Johnson, Schneider) But those are the type of guys who are the supporting players for a true contender, not the core. And there are a bunch of aging overpaid mediocrities whose best days are behind them (Vidro, Hernandez, Castilla, etc). And the good players they do have are eligible for free agency in 1-2 years, which means that with this group of players you have to win NOW. Not gonna happen, IMHO.

Rather than suffer through a couple more years of mediocrity, I'd rather see the Nats trade all or most of their players while they've still got some value, with an eye towards contending in 2007 or 2008. Move Schneider, Johnson, Vidro, Wilkerson, Hernandez, etc this winter for prospects who have shown they can perform at a high level (AAA), or young major leaguers with a year or two of service time. The current core is NOT good enough to legitimately contend in the next 2 years - tear it down and rebuild.

That won't happen, of course - the Nats are a new franchise, and trading all those players would be perceived as a firesale and do damage to the potential fanbase that might never be repaired. What we'll see instead is the same names coming back next year, supplemented with more "names" - FAs signed because of their reputation, not performance. Sammy Sosa. Mike Piazza. Nomar Garciaparra. Big names making big bucks who won't play anywhere near well enough to justify the money they're getting.

I figure the team will hang right around .500 for the next 2-3 years, start to lose the current core players to FA, and THEN start to rebuild. the farm system will hopefully be ready by then to contribute some impact players.


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while, I truly respect everything that scot said, I'm going to have to disagree. Guillen, Johnson, Church, and Schneider are all potential superstars. But they and the rest of the team, have been plagued by injuries. I say get healthy over the break, let Livan get his surgery and all banged up players which include WILKERSON, VIDRO, SCHNEIDER, CHURCH, WILSON, GUILLEN, JOHNSON, CASTILLA, which is all our starting players. Once they are healthy all we need to get is a shortstop from a trade or from the farm system and maybe a third baseman. I see this team contending next year!!! :lol: