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Hey Chief...

I post over on another board,a nd I belive its run off of the same software that this one you ahve set up is.

Its far and away on of the NICEST and BEST RUN Message boards youll come  across.  Its very similar to this one, with lots of features, bells and whistles.

I might suggest as the forum "owner" here, that you register a free account over there, and spend some time tooling around in it.  Its a VERY LARGE place as its pretty much the soccer forum for the WORLD.

Check out what features they use, how they use them etc. I think it might be very helpful to you in running this board here.

Also, might i suggest you turn on the PM's?  (private messaging feature)  Its a handy way to take topics such as things not appropriate for this board, off the board and directly to another poster.   Like the guy who posted in my intro thread and started the little "tiff" I guess you could call it which he brought over from the boards.. I would have PMed him about it in stead of posting, but I could not get it to work.

Anyway, I just thought you would find visiting bigsoccer very useful.  Hope you find things there that will help you out here!