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We need your help!
« Topic Start: July 06, 2005, 02:59:04 AM »
Quote from: "The Chief"

Done...  I think it looks a little better that way, less clutter.

I was going to expand on the 'less clutter' approach and suggest *less* fragmentation of topics. Basically, we're all here to discuss the Nationals, and aside from the good suggestion to provide a minor league forum, the Nats are the topic of discussion.

I can see where the same dicussion might fit under Today's Game, Trade Discussion, and General. Here we are approaching the trade deadline in a few weeks, so talk of today's game might hinge on who will be traded or who will arrive in D.C. via a trade.

In my experience, when there are more topic areas than there are natural divisions between discussions, it creates some confusion in the mind of the poster--where to post?

On top of that, if you are strict about adhering to topic it stifles the naturally free flow of conversations; if you are loose about it, then you really didn't need that much granularity of forums in the first place.

So to simplify, have four forums:
Washington Nationals
Minor league affiliates
Stats, stats, and more stats
Administrivia, forum ideas, suggestion box

That's it.

Something to consider for your new endeavor. Best success to you!