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Re: Pulaski Nationals???
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Wikipedia isn't much more than a glorified blog.  Also, the entry regarding the Nationals currently having a team in Pulaski is completely false.  It is indeed a 9-team league this year.

Lee Landers, the league president, is/has been in talks (at least as of last February) with the Mexican league and the Mariners for a team in 2008.  However, the Pulaksi government was insisting that whoever moves reimburse the city for something like $5 million for recent renovations (about 5 or 6 times more than Calfee Stadium is worth) and then pay rent.  That's quite a hefty load for a rookie league team, and the Mariners essentially had told the Appy League that if they did provide a team, it would not be in Pulaski.  Until Pulaski comes to its senses, I doubt anybody is going to play there.

actually, there was a brief moment in time when the Nats were actually considering Pulaski, before they decided to stay in Vermont. I think we discussed that here, I swear I remember 2k6Nats almost having a fit over the prospect of the Nats leaving Vermont.

but of course, it didn't work out for whatever reason, and we stayed in Vermont.