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Re: 2 days to the signing deadline...
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Both Signed! Woot!!
McGeary was a real coup; signing him makes ours inarguably one of the top 3 drafts in baseball.  We signed Detwiler, Smoker and McGeary- all considered first round talents. 

We even got McGeary for reasonable first round money - signing a first round talent for first round money - but got him in the 6th round! Think how many other teams must be pissed that they passed on him not once but 5 or 6 times due to signability! Not only that, but Burgess (who is tearing up the Gulf Coast League) was previously considered a first-round talent as well.  Here's to the Plan - and to the Lerners following through!

When you consider the arms we already have coming up through the minor leagues (take a look at the Vermont Lake Monsters), as well as the new guys at the major league level, our farm system is now STACKED with pitching talent!