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Gameday Thread: Nationals @ Reds, Game 2 (W)
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Quote from: "ernie0326"

Off topic for a second....Hmmmm...I wonder why we can't see our Nats who are in a pennant race...BUT, ESPN2 can switch from their national game Toronto vs Yankees (technical problems) to the ORIOLES VS ANGELS @ Camden Yards and our games are BLACKED OUT on ESPN and ESPN2?!?! AND, that same game is shown on friggin COMCAST?!? GRRRR!!   :evil:   I swear this so called TV deal with MASN/COMCAST is a bunch of BULLcrap!!! (sorry for the french)

        Again....its because MASN holds exclusive rights to the telecasts.  ESPN cannot carry any portion of the game while MASN is also showing the game.