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Gameday Thread: Nationals @ Mets, Game 3
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we need this win sooooo badly biggest game of the season so far

Getting a win here doesn't help much.  There is a gaping wound in the chest of our season.  All a win in this game does is sop up a few drops of the blood.

so what are you saying wer done ??? it's because of people like you that the team thinks this way about themselves we are 1.5 games back the way I look at it every game from here on out is important... give your head a shake PC

No, we're not done.  What I am saying is that this team has shown a disturbing tendancy for not winning close games and for not taking of opportunities that present themselves.

A win here certainly would be a good thing but these two losses have been so devastating for our playoff chances,  Just losing to an NL East team would have been bad but losing to an NL East team, in light of all of the teams in contention that have also lost, is what has produced the gaping wound.

Being 1 1/2 games out of the wildcard isn't bad.  We're in contention with a lot of other teams that, I think, feel more a sense of urgency than we do.