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Re: Nationals @ Phillies, Game 3
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When Manny talked to the ump after he tossed Lannan, Acta was calm and businesslike as usual.  Manny pointed to the scoreboard.  Tossing Acta made that umpire look like the horse's AZZ that he is.  This was Lannan's MLB debut after 4 AAA starts, and 40 members of his family are in the stands watching.  He was not trying to hit either batter; he's left handed and so was the 2nd batter.

Tossing Manny should buy Lannan another start, IMHO.  Neither one of them should have been ejected and Manny didn't SEEM to be doing any name calling (unless he did it on the mound, and the ump heard him, which would have been pretty funny.)  So Lannan and Acta are both sitting somewhere downstairs, now brothers in their mutual, unwarranted ejections.