Author Topic: And Some of You Want the Nats to Play Like This?  (Read 608 times)

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Tonights Yank vs. D-Ray Game:

Yanks 21  Devil Rays 4

Complete and utter blow out.  Thank God it hasn't been near that bad for the Nats.

I know some of you want complete blowouts rather than close games but I urge you to look at that score again and tell me you want the Nats to have games like that on the same basis we have close ones.

Ugly in Tampa.  Ugh.

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Yeah, NOTLD, but it's kinda like running down the road at 100 to blow out your carbs (OK, I know I'm dating myself here). Sure is fun once in a while, and truth be told I'd love to have a chance to "dislike" the blowouts more frequently. But I do agree, the close ones are more fun. My best game this season to date has been the 2 rain delay walkoff....what a game!!

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And the Yanks left 11 on base, according to the box score...  :shock:

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I'd love to see the Nats score like the Yankees did in this game.  ;)