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Rating the Catcher II
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With the Nats out of town and some time on my hands I did some research and put together my listing of catchers in the minor league system. Hopefully the numbers are right and I got everyone.

Salomon Manriquez    Born September 1982

We have seen him play and like at his power. He blasted one out past the left center field fence at Frederick. Listed at 6-01 190 from Venezuela, Manriquez signed with the Expos as a non-drafted free agent in 1999. He is having a very good year for the Potomac Nats making the Carolina League All Star team. He is showing that he can hit and hit with power but has problems behind the plate. He may have to switch positions to make it to the majors. In 2004 he played with four different teams and admitted that all the travel took a toll on him. Josh Whitesell (1b) said. "He calls a great game and the pitchers like to throw to him.? He has batted .239 in 292 games prior to 2005 with just 16 home runs. With San Pedro out for nearly all of 2005 he looks to be the #1 catcher in the system.

Erick San Pedro   October 1983

One player I really wanted to watch this season. Rated the #1 Nats catching prospect by Baseball America in their 2005 review. This put him 23rd overall in what they felt was a very poor talent pool. A #2 pick in the 2004 draft. He gets high marks as a defensive backstop but was considered vulnerable to off speed stuff. When I read this I cringe because it could be said for most hitters. It has been a bad year for Erick he lost a lot of playing time when he broke his leg and is in Florida on the DL. He played for the University of Miami so had some good college experience behind him which helps since he only played in 18 games in 2004. A good start in 2005 will put him #1.

Devin Ivany   July 1982

With Montz one of four catchers taken by the Expos in the 2004 draft.
Regarded by Baseball America as a good defensive catcher the 6-01 178 lb'r is from Florida. He was the #2 catcher in the system by Baseball America with Montz #3.  Drafted in the 6th Round of the 2004 draft he spent time in Vermont and Savannah in 2004 batting just .156 with no home runs in 44 games. Ivany has had a good year at Savannah batting .264-13-47 in 100 games. His averages are OBP.320 and SLG .447. Montz might be a better hitter but Ivany is rated as a better defensive catcher hence the higher listing. Look forward to seeing both play.

Luke Montz   July 1983

Call me crazy but this is a baseball name. Now batting ?Luke Montz.? A Louisiana native listed at 6-02 215 lbs he was selected by the Expos in the 2003 draft in the 17th Round out of Hill College. He played in the CGL in 2003 and spent most of 2004 in Vermont playing just one game for Brevard County. He batted .242 in 95 games with 12 Homeruns and 43 RBIs. His OBP .342 and SLG .398 are pretty good. Montz has been with Savannah this year batting .235-18-60 in 86 games. His averages are OBP.330 and SLG .500

Drew McMillan   October 1980

Your classic good field no hit catcher. His lifetime minor leagues batting numbers are Guzmanesque with a batting average of .186. Big guy listed at 6-03 205 lb. His numbers at Harrisburg this year; 20 games .255-1-7 OBP .317 SLG .370. At Vermont; 15 games .294--6-22

John Poppert      April 1982

Selected out of East Carolina University by the Expos (17th Round) in 2004. Listed at  
6-00 185. Played 31 games with Vermont batting .219 with 2 home runs and nine RBIs.
For Vermont in 2005 in 31 games he is batting .204-4-12 with OBP .269 SLG .359. I have heard some good things about him and hope to see him play.

Luis Apodaca      July 1982

Like Manriguez he is from Venezuela. Listed at 6-00 185. Free agent signing from way back in 1998 making this his 7th season in the minors. Lifetime average of .265 with OBP .325 and SLG of.342. Spent 2004 with Savannah (61 games) and Brevard County (15 games). With Vermont in 2005 in 20 games he is hitting ,242-0-11 with OBP .351 SLG .323.

Brian Peacock      August 1984

The Nats Gulf Coast web site lists him at 7-01 and 185 lbs! Listed at 5-11 181 lbs on the Baseball Cube so take your pick. Well regarded catcher signed in August 2004 (39th Round) out of Palmetto High School in Miami. Spent 2005 in GCL. I look forward to seeing him play and would like more information about him. Listed here since he like the others in the lower depths of the farm system have a long road to travel.

Robert Rodriguez December 1980

He showed us something when he took a pitch that knocked him down fought it off and stayed in the game. Listed at 5-10 200 but looks smaller then 5-10. A native of Miami, FL and graduate of Brevard Community College, He was signed by the Expos as a non-drafted free agent in 2002. He spent the majority of the 2004 season with Savannah (A), appearing in 22 games averaging .250 with 7RBI and 5 doubles. He played in 3 games for Brevard County. He has struggled at the plate with Potomac while playing behind Manriguez. In three minor league season he batted .215 with one home run in 101 games.  His OBP is 84 points higher then his batting average which is good if he could hit. He strikes out 33% of the time, ouch.

Lyndsey Simmons   October 1981

Left handed hitting catcher Played for Oklahoma State and drafted in the 14th Round in 2004. Batted .167 in 23 games in the GCL in 2004.  Good year at Oklahoma State where he batted .352 in 50 games but no home runs. Spent 2005 in GCL.

 Joshua Emmerick   February 1981

Your classic good field no hit catcher Part 2.Tall at 6-04 190 lb. Played for Potomac in the early part of the season  This year he was .372-0-2 in 13 games at Potomac and .186-0-6 in 39 games in limited duty with Harrisburg. Selected by Expos in 17th round of 1999 draft. 752 at bats with a BA of .205. SA .267 OBP .304 with 7 HRs

Rob Sandora   August 1981

A rare Lefty and New Yorker in the group of catchers. Signed as a Free Agent in 2003. 6-00 200. Played briefly with Vermont in 2004 were he collected nine walks in 22 at Bats for an OBP of .317 (his BA was .184).

The Others

John Wilson   September 1978

We got to talk to him with Harrisburg and liked him. He does not look like a catcher if that means anything. Listed at 6-01 210. Selected by Mets in 11th round of 2000 draft; taken by Expos in 2003 Rule 5 minor league draft. Good minor league hitter, batting .260 in 5 minor league seasons. SA .354 OBP .351 with 15 HRs in 1,185 at bats. Fourth season in AA ball. Spent first part of the season in New Orleans 25 games .212-0-4 then on to Harrisburg 63 games .260-4-25 OBP .326 SLG .355. Should get a chance to play in the majors.

Craig Kuzmic   May 1977

Switch hitter was signed in 2005 as a Free Agent. Split time this year with Harrisburg and New Orleans. In 42 games with the Senators he hit .236-6-32 and .243-4-12 in 43 games with the Zephyrs. He is an eight year minor league veteran playing in his fourth season in AAA. Like Wilson not a prospect he might be might get his chance to play in DC if the Nats need help. He has a .256 average in the minors with OBP .358 SLG .429.

Hector Ortiz   October 1969

For New Orleans this year he is batting .248-1-28 OBP .286 SLG .283 in 74 games.

Keith Osik   October 1968

Signed as a Free Agent in 2005. Osik has spent time in the majors. He is batting .267 in very limited action at New Orleans.

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Re: Rating the Catcher II
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Nice job!

I'm not that high on San Pedro.I'm really high on Montz and I think, he has all the tools to be a good catcher in the majors.Ivany improved alot and his numbers might look good but Montz is even better defensively! I know, he made less errors (, I've just saw Montz playing once and he impressed me (reminds me a of a younger Darren Fletcher).

Manriquez is having a good year but like you said, he isn't really good defensively and he struggles in AA when we gave him the chance.I think, he'll do fine.

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Re: Rating the Catcher II
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Hey what do you think about our catchers depht now (with new faces like Logan, Nichols, German, Rooney)?

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Rating the Catcher II
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This is some very informational stuff!  I love it!   8)