Author Topic: Nationals vs Rockies, Game 3  (Read 6963 times)

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Re: Nationals vs Rockies, Game 3
« Reply #175: July 22, 2007, 09:56:24 AM »
I loved the 4:00pm start, but normally in July / August, it would the hottest possible time to have a game, just brutal.  We were lucky with the weather yesterday (and today).

By just after midgame, the sun had creeped back behind the stadium so it wasn't beating down as badly on the 3B side. The games that go 1:30-4:30 are hitting the heat of the day around the second inning, and the sun beats down for the whole game. Of course, if you are in RC field, you are going to get baked.

Yesterday did provide some nice cloud cover and breeze to go along with it.