Author Topic: Has anyone noticed what Marlon Byrd is doing down in N.O.?  (Read 612 times)

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He's batting .440, with 22 hits!

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  • Name on the Front > Name on The Back

get him back up here.

Offline rileyn

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He should be pissed.  He is a better player than Church, Wilkerson, and Wilson.  Call him up, send Church down.  It's simple.

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If I recall, he was very unhappy about being sent down in the first place, so the odds of him coming back seem slim to me...  considering how Frank is known to operate :?

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At the same time, I think Frank would welcome someone hating him and playing with a chip on his shoulder if that is what got them to produce.  Sometimes people need that.  Byrd came here with something to prove and produced.  Then trailed off.  He might need that as motivation.