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who is this samson tool......i mean i know he is the laurie's stepson or something like that but what are his creditentials and how old is he........what an f'in tool......i wish girardi had ripped his head off last year when he was screaming at the umps during the game......

olson seems like a real jerk to......gosh that franchise sucks and somehow they have two ws trophies.

When his stepfather bought a failing Major League Baseball franchise and tapped him to run it, David Samson had his first job in sports.

Nothing on his résumé guaranteed, or even hinted, that he was prepared for it. Samson had been through law school, funded a company that provided same-day-delivery of The New York Times in Europe and worked for a Wall Street investment bank.

But the closest thing he had to previous work experience in sports was a recurring stint as an honorary assistant to legendary New York Knicks coach Red Holzman during charity games, a perk he landed because said stepfather, Jeffrey Loria, was a well-connected fan.

Now, Loria was coming to him with an offer to run the business operations of the Montreal Expos, a franchise that was bleeding money, with little chance of getting public funding for the stadium that would solve its ills.

Intrigued by an opportunity to turn his passion for sports into a career, Samson jumped at the offer.

"I wasn't sure how it would go in Montreal, but I was excited by the challenge," said Samson, who got his feet wet working on the investment banking side of Loria's purchase of the Expos. "I knew that there would be pressure on me to perform, because, even though we are family, this is not a family business.
Sports Business Journal

Loria is himself a ball-less wonder.  He hired Girardi, although everyone else at the time wanted Fredi Gonzalez.  Then, when things go tough, Samson leaked tons information about Girardi, all subsequently proven false, to the press.  Loria and Samson didn't even have the balls to meet with Girardi when he was fired, leaving it up to GM Larry Beinfest.  They weren't even around for the press conference announcing Gonzalez being hired as Girardi's replacement.

The only person in the world more hated in South Florida than Samson is Fidel Castro.