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Re: Olsen's suspension
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who is this samson tool......i mean i know he is the laurie's stepson or something like that but what are his creditentials and how old is he........what an f'in tool......i wish girardi had ripped his head off last year when he was screaming at the umps during the game......

olson seems like a real jerk to......gosh that franchise sucks and somehow they have two ws trophies.

Did you read Samson's recent outburst over the Ichiro signing? This guy is looking to move the team and is simply trying to dump salary for prospects. It is insane for a team to think of trading a player like Cabrera, but I actually expect them too.

He completely flipped out when he heard initial rumors of the Ichiro deal, called it ridiculous mismanagement and "the end of the world as we know it."