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An important point to be made is that THE MARLINS suspended him, so it's really no big deal, just trying to enforce some basic rules of thumb.

Here are some rules of thumb that the Marlins don't enforce (I couldn't find the orginal article, but found some references to it):


It sounds like someone needs to put Florida Marlins president David Samson in his place.

OK, other than Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria, who put son-in-law Samson in his current position of power.

The reason for the concern?

As Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel columnist Dave Hyde notes: "Recently, the Marlins team president gave another supposedly comic discourse on [radio] that touched all the bases of women, sex and picturesography. This isn't uncommon. In the past, he has 'joked' of having pictures Night at the stadium. He's 'joked' of having a sex toy in his car. He's 'joked' which players looked like pictures stars.

"On this particular show, a male caller who said he otherwise enjoyed Samson's segment asked him to, 'Please try not to be so derogatory toward women and lustful when you do the interview. I try to enjoy the show with my girl, and she's like, 'Oh, that Dave Samson, he's a real creep."'

"I will try to be slightly less lecherous for his girlfriend," Samson said. "And if he would like to bring her to my office, we could definitely talk about my lechery."

Samson defended his remarks by saying the radio program is "done completely tongue in cheek.

"We were talking of a [Marlins] promotion where strippers would give lap dances, and I said, 'No, it's much funnier if you have them work the foul pole."'

OK, maybe not much funnier.

Rather than give this guy a new ballpark, maybe someone simply should give him a lounge act.

This isn't the first time Samson's radio comments have raised an eyebrow. Our columnist, Dave Hyde, last season called out Samson for engaging in topics of questionable taste on his segment. One that comes to mind was which baseball players would make the  best pictures stars. If memory serves, Samson gave Sal Fasano the nod.

And more on the Olsen incident:

Team suspends Olsen for 2 games
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, July 17, 2007

MIAMI GARDENS — Marlins pitcher Scott Olsen, who fought with teammates at least twice last season, has done it again.

After a successful, but frustrating, five-inning outing Sunday, sources said Olsen scuffled with fellow starter Sergio Mitre in a tunnel behind the Florida dugout during the bottom of the fifth.

Olsen was suspended by the team Monday for two games without pay for insubordination and conduct detrimental to the team, manager Fredi Gonzalez said.

The trouble apparently began with a faulty button on Olsen's jersey.

After Olsen came off the mound in the middle of the fifth inning, he tore off his jersey, threw it at a clubhouse attendant and demanded a new one.

Sources said Mitre admonished Olsen for his behavior. That led to the scuffle while third baseman Miguel Cabrera was at bat.

The incident began moments before Cabrera hit an upper-deck home run. Fans on the third-base side looked across the infield and could see almost everyone in the Marlins dugout jump up and run to the end directly behind first base.

In a tunnel behind a television camera bay, teammates were pulling apart Olsen and Mitre.

Olsen met with reporters after the game as usual, but didn't know at that point that he would be disciplined. Monday, he was not available for comment and did not return a message left on his cellphone.

Mitre, who Monday politely declined to discuss the incident, isn't the first teammate to clash with Olsen.

As a rookie last year, Olsen got into a dugout scuffle with Cabrera during a game in New York against the Mets. Earlier last season, Olsen got a black eye after he was punched by friend and then-teammate Randy Messenger in an off-field incident in St. Petersburg.

And during a game at Dolphin Stadium, Olsen angered then-manager Joe Girardi, who grabbed Olsen by the shirt and pulled him to the end of the dugout for a scolding.

This year, the club fined Olsen an undisclosed amount for making an obscene gesture toward fans in Milwaukee when he was removed from his start June 1.

"I'm a different person when I'm out there," Olsen told beat writers at the time.

Olsen, 23, also said then that he doesn't worry about his image.

"No, not one bit," he said. "People that have an opinion of me, most of them, probably don't know me."

One source Monday hinted that the management has grown increasingly frustrated with Olsen's attitude this season. The discipline Monday, the source said, "was a long time coming.''

The last player the Marlins suspended was A.J. Burnett at the end of the 2005 season. After he lost six decisions in a row, he said of the Marlins: "We play scared. We manage scared. We coach scared."

Olsen, who is making $380,000 this year, will lose $4,153 because of his suspension. He was barred from the clubhouse Monday and today.

"He will be here Wednesday and if you want to talk to him further that's fine," Gonzalez told reporters, "but I'm not going to say anything else."

The manager said Olsen still would be able to make his next scheduled start, Friday against the Cincinnati Reds at Dolphin Stadium.

Olsen is 7-7 with a 5.15 ERA this season. Last year he finished 12-10 with a 4.04 ERA.
Palm Beach Post

Olsens actions are indeed detrimental and unprofessional.  What amazes me is that Samson's chronic foot in mouth disease is not considered detrimental and unprofessional.  Samson makes Angelos look like a saint.