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Re: Olsen's suspension
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The Marlins suspended Olsen for "conduct detrimental to the team..." How much you want to bet it it's for all the "F" bombs he dropped on TV yesterday ... there were about 15 people in the stands and you could hear him plain as day ... totally gets a  :rofl: in my book ...

It couldn't be for that.  Samson (Marlins President) drops F-bombs every couple months on his radio show.  He once even told a listener to bring his (the listener's) wife by the office so he could f-bomb her, wanted strippers to dance on the foul poles, etc.  Samson is a punk, but Loria apparently finds such behavior acceptable.

Actually, what happened was Mitre went back to console Olsen in the tunnel after he was pulled for yet another crap start, and Olsen punched him out.  That's Olsen's third fist-fight with a teammate in a little over a year.  I imagine it's also his third loss.  But, he does pitch better when he's sporting a black eye.