Author Topic: Fan falls on, breaks neck of tourist at Yankee Stadium  (Read 929 times)

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OMG, you nearly break a guys neck and you don't even apologize, show any concern, or help out in anyway but instead hook your arms under the pits of your buddy drunk and drag them away before you have to take responsibility for your actions?  Chalk another one up in the "douchebag" category for NY baseball fans.  Incredible, absolutely incredible and disgraceful.  Total disregard for the safety and well being of a fellow human being.  Whats even worse this couple were out of towners looking to catch a game.  I'm sure the NY fanbase left a "lasting impression."

I'm going to a Yanks game in a two weeks time on a trip to NY.  Its bad enough I probably can't wear my Curly W hat into the stadium without having a bunch of quick-jabbering, Soprano-wannabes on my case but now I have to beware of flying drunks who want to snap my neck.

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My point is that the problem is not with NY fans, but with the drunk, his (probably) drunken friends, whoever served him enough beer (maybe he brought in some booze on his own?) to become drunk. I'd bet my last dollar that other NY fans were immediately there offering their assistance to the injured fan.
I'm a rabid Redskins fan, and even though I lived in NY for decades I still went to Giants Stadium when we played the Giants wearing my Redskins cap, shirt, jacket, etc. and loudly cheered for my team. Never had a problem, except for some snide comments. But I also have lived in Philly, and would I go like that to a Skins-Eagles game at the Vet? No way Charlie, I'd have been killed (and I loved Philadelphia). I may not look it but I'm not stupid! ;)