Author Topic: Fan falls on, breaks neck of tourist at Yankee Stadium  (Read 939 times)

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I'm saying he's not the only one responsible. A drunk driver, like a drunk fan, still has to have things happen before he gets to the point of being drunk. There are other people responsible for his condition. If he came from a bar, the bartender or the person who served him is also responsible and a result the bar's owner who hired the person who served up the drinks. If he came from a private party, the host is also responsible. In this case he was at a game, so whoever sold him the (too many) drinks, and whoever hired the person who sold him the drinks, is responsible.

I'm saying drunks should never happen, there's no excuse for being drunk in public, because they should never be allowed to get to the point where they are drunk. If anyone is going to get drunk, they should do it at home. At least at home there's a better chance that the only person that gets hurt is the drunk themselves.

This has been the age old debate on whether or not the bartender or establishment should be held responsible.  Its a tough question because you have to start dealing with trying to figure out everyone's personal alcohol tolerance, trying to figure out how many someone has actually had, if someone is buying for someone who is more sloshed, etc.  If you have ever worked at a bar or as a bartender, you know what I'm talking about.

If you could invent a sure fire way of determining all this you could be a millionare overnight.  But its not like the establishment is holding a gun to your head saying "BUY, BUY, BUY".  That is your own choice to buy three or four and it was your choice to become as disoriented as you can get when intoxicated.

But in this case, I am thinking your looking a little too deep.  I mean if I was going somewhere, nearly broke someone's neck and walked off it would be called a "hit and run" and I would be in violation of the law.  I see no reason why this particular drunk should get a pass.