Author Topic: Fan falls on, breaks neck of tourist at Yankee Stadium  (Read 1447 times)

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So by that logic are you saying that a drunk driver who T-Bones me and almost causes me to lose my ablility to walk, IS NOT responsible for the accident?  And the mere fact that the "drunk" got drunk and is a "drunk" completely voids him/her of the responsibility of their actions when in that state?  I mean, that person had to "get drunk".  I myself have never just got drunk off the air.

Maybe I am reading your statement wrong, I've read it three times over, but it sounds like you are saying that this drunk should get off scott free with no penalty to his actions and if that is so, I absolutely have to disagree with you there.

I'm saying he's not the only one responsible. A drunk driver, like a drunk fan, still has to have things happen before he gets to the point of being drunk. There are other people responsible for his condition. If he came from a bar, the bartender or the person who served him is also responsible and a result the bar's owner who hired the person who served up the drinks. If he came from a private party, the host is also responsible. In this case he was at a game, so whoever sold him the (too many) drinks, and whoever hired the person who sold him the drinks, is responsible.

I'm saying drunks should never happen, there's no excuse for being drunk in public, because they should never be allowed to get to the point where they are drunk. If anyone is going to get drunk, they should do it at home. At least at home there's a better chance that the only person that gets hurt is the drunk themselves.