Author Topic: Fan falls on, breaks neck of tourist at Yankee Stadium  (Read 1439 times)

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I think a few are overreacting, there are obnoxious drunkards in every ballpark, and I do mean every ballpark. When a person has had too much to drink, their shame levels go way down. Drunks fall over people all the time, they get up or are helped up, but rarely, do they or the people around then apologize for anything. Drunks are drunks, they don't see life the same way everyone else does, and to expect them to to act the way we would, is being way too expectant of them. They're drunks, they don't apologize for being drunk, so why should anyone expect them to act or be apologetic when they fall over someone. It happens all the time, even at RFK, the only difference being no one has had their neck broken there yet.

I would be a lot more concerned to find out if anyone is going to help out with the guy with the broken neck's medical bills. And please don't say the drunk is responsible, because long before he fell, too many thing had to happen to allow him to get to his drunken state to begin with.

I keep waiting to hear that the Yankees are going to help him and his family out with his bills, but nope, not a word. Even though that would be the right thing to do, I'd be very surprised to read about it happening. They may use the old "It says on our tickets that we aren't responsible for accidents" but if you think about it, they are, because they allowed the guy to get drunk in the first place.

What should happen is the Yankees should alter their policy as to how much beer they can sell to one person or they could also stop selling beer to people in sections where the stairs are so steep that one too many could be cause for a fall or misstep. Yes, drunks will still find a way around the rules, but the rules would still reduce the number of drunks at ballgames.

Anyway, the short of it is, the last person I'm gonna blame for the guy breaking the guy's neck is the drunk, because too many things were allowed to happen before he got to the point of being drunk enough to fall in the first place. It's should be shame on the Yankees, as well as any team for allowing anyone to be able to get drunk at any of their home games.

Beer and baseball are will always be part of ballpark life, but there's nothing good (or pretty) about drunks at ballgames, or anyplace for that matter.

So by that logic are you saying that a drunk driver who T-Bones me and almost causes me to lose my ablility to walk, IS NOT responsible for the accident?  And the mere fact that the "drunk" got drunk and is a "drunk" completely voids him/her of the responsibility of their actions when in that state?  I mean, that person had to "get drunk".  I myself have never just got drunk off the air.

Maybe I am reading your statement wrong, I've read it three times over, but it sounds like you are saying that this drunk should get off scott free with no penalty to his actions and if that is so, I absolutely have to disagree with you there.

*And I am not saying stop selling beer, drunks aren't going to happen everywhere, etc.  I am just shocked at the complete lack of concern, care, and decency about a fellow human being.  There is a huge difference between being drunk and bumping into someone causing them to lose their foot long and nearly breaking someone's neck.  It sounds like to me these particular Yanks fans knew they were in the crap and high tailed it and ran so they would not have to face the consequences of their actions.  Drunk or not, you need to answer for your actions.  It certainly wasn't the victims choice to come to Yank stadium and get his neck screwed up.