Author Topic: STICK IT TO ANGELOS!!  (Read 752 times)

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« Topic Start: August 18, 2005, 08:00:34 AM »
Looks like we can give Angelos the bizness for a little while at least.

It doesn't come close to the MASN ream job he's giving us Nats fans, but it's kinda fun to have him by the you-know-whats for something!!  LOL!   what do y'all think??!

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« Reply #1: August 21, 2005, 07:13:28 PM »
Great Article!!!  
Big doings all across the Minors.
 OK. Make Angelos an offer he can't refuse. He can have Harrisburg if we can have our TV rights back.
  If all the other deals mentioned come to fruition It's not far fetched to think our AA team could be in Trenton; that is if the Yankees get Scranton. I can't see them giving up Columbus so I'd think Scranton would be AA. I'd be excited to be 90 minutes from the Nats AA and 20 minutes from their road A games.