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Torres Feels Pirated
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Salomon Torres (elbow) has filed a grievance against the Pirates and has asked to be traded after feeling the team "tricked" him.

"I've had enough. They tricked me into signing that contract, and what they are doing to me now is retaliation because I complained about it," Torres said. The real issue is with a promise Torres feels he was given about the team renting one of the baseball academies he built in the Dominican Republic. "I liked the idea," Torres said. "I was thinking of it like deferred money, something I could have for later in life. They kept me interested enough. They made me believe. General manager Dave Littlefield told me he'd think about it, but that I'd have to sign at a hometown discount. I did that."
Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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Re: Torres Feels Pirated
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What did they to him?

Re: Torres Feels Pirated
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What did they to him?

He is currently on the 15 Day DL and he feels that his rehabilitation mapped out by the team is "too slow."  The bigger issue apparently underneath the surface is the contract he signed, which he did without an agent and he is very pissed about the Bucs not using his Baseball Academies as they supposedly promised.

A good article about it all is here:

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Re: Torres Feels Pirated
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He'll be cheap for whoever he gets traded to, he's not having the greatest season, an ERA over 5 and he's 0-3. But then again, that's with Pittsburgh, so those numbers don't tell the whole story. I think with the right team, his ERA drops to mid to low 3's at worse, so he has value, but to who?