Author Topic: Getting really sick of having my Fanhood questioned.  (Read 911 times)

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This is a post I made on BallParkGuys, in response to someone saying that I "haven't had baseball in 34 years, but seem unable to enjoy the experience" and that I "can't simply enjoy the ride" and that I "can't have fun with the Nats".


who said that we aren't enjoying this? what just because we point out something that we think is bad about the team means that we don't enjoy having a team to point out something bad about?

who the hell said I don't have fun, that I don't appreciate the team, and that I am not enjoying the ride?

what the bloody hell is wrong with saying "I don't like this about the team."??????????

why do I have to act like a first-time fan who is just learning the game of baseball and knows nothing about it?

why do I have to LIKE losing games? is it wrong of me to be happy on a day that we win, and not be happy on a day that we lose?

I don't understand why being critical of the team is looked down on so much. or why just because I am critical of the team, it means that I am a rotten ingrate who doesn't have fun everytime he goes to the stadium for every home game.

any thoughts?

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I don't really see anything wrong with your comments, pretty much agree.

I think we all have to recognize that individuals may differ in the degree with which they are critical, and sometimes this may annoy another who is more or less critical than they are, or think they should be.

Everyone should be free to exercise their free speech right in rendering criticism of our team, but with that freedom comes the obligation to not abuse the priveledge (like trolls, for example).

If you disagree with a viewpoint, challenge it with logic, but personal criticism is nearly always out of bounds, in my opinion.

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I think these are feelings that everyone has, and that when people deny it, they are full of it. I think people that get very defensive about criticism tend be those that are fans that were around before, and are still worried that if we don't appreciate the team, the team will leave again. So, while putting you down for expressing these thoughts is not kosher, I can kinda see where these people are coming from.

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JMAD, the truth is if I really didn't care who won or lost I wouldn't be paying attention.  I care about this team.  I want this team to win.  Therefore, when they win I am happy about that and when they lose I look to trade all of them immediately.  After than an amazing thing happens - the sun comes up in the morning and hope is renewed.  I go right back to supporting Wilkerson and the boys even after he whiffs to start the game.  

I get pissed when they lose and I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT.