Author Topic: Wizards draft Nick Young and Dominic Mcguire  (Read 390 times)

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Wizards draft Nick Young and Dominic Mcguire
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I don't know to much about much of the players in the draft besides like the top names, but this guy sounds like he could end up being pretty good. The second round pick sounds like hes a good pick aswell.

Heres what Fox Sports says about the pick of Nick Young..

G NICK YOUNG, USC— Profile Highlights
DIME'S TAKE: Another "best player available" pick, and definitely the right one. How good is Nick Young? Put it this way: the Celtics flew him to Boston yesterday for a workout in case they wanted to take him at #5. Buckets, buckets, buckets. All day long.
SCHRAGER ON THE SCENE: Good for Nick Young. Off to Washington he goes where he can lose three point shootouts to Gilbert Arenas during practice and show up on YouTube. The Washington Post contingent seems happy. I'm a big Nick Young fan, but am almost more excited for the Trojans next year. O.J. Mayo is insane. Not as insane as Gilbert — but somewhere up there, nonetheless

Youngs profile -

Mcguires profile -

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This is a big WE SHALL SEE type of draft. I really thought that we were trading for Randolph, but oh well.

Young should be pretty good. We needed a shooter and that is his skill.

McGuire is a crazy blocker, but we needed a big time rebounder the most. He's just OK at that.

Overall, I'd probably give us a C- w/ potential to be better. We REALLY need to do something in free agency now, though. Sucks, because we have major cap problems. Oh well, we'll see.