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Re: Nationals @ Braves, Game 3
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Long relievers are those that COULD be situational/spot starters. I don't see Saul as one of those guys. I know Bowie was supposed to be. I truly think that Traber's all we got right now. Speigner was, too, before we had to use him as a starter. I just wonder if the Van Buren deal will somehow fill this void.

Sometimes a long reliever is a potential spot starter, but it can also be someone that is simply capable of coming in after a starter exits early and eat up a couple of innings. That means they have to be someone who can be effective against all types of batters.  So Ray King and Traber are out. They would also not be the guys set aside for setup and closer duty.

Before the season the guys who would pull that duty were slated to be Bowie and Speigner, and originally Bergmann. Abreu was a guy they had up for a while, and Wagner was someone they were using that way. As of now, the only guy who really is in the position is Rivera, but Schroder is also being used that way. They really have a choice which is either to have more confidence in a starting rotation to go further or have more guys in the bullpen who really fit the long-reliever description. Right now the combination is not ideal by any stretch. I think with one or two starters being added back, there is an opportunity to move Bascik back to the pen.