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Re: Nationals @ Braves, Game 1
« Reply #150: June 26, 2007, 10:25:42 AM »
Traber's ERA is low, but it also seems like he always allows inherited runners to score.  His WHIP is too high for a reliever.

In fact, I just looked up his WHIP, and it's above league average.  That's acceptable for a starter, but pretty horrendous for a reliever.

Precisely. If you consider Traber to be having a fine season then your standards suck. I don't care about his ERA I know what I see from him when he enters a game and is terrified to go after batters (with good reason too because his stuff blows). Even if you consider him a situational reliever against lefties (like King) Mc Cann showed him the situation last night and it contributed largely to the loss.

He must have done something to you, personally..because he's doing fine this season.

Also the idea that he may done something TO me personally is as ridiculous as saying that he must have done something FOR you personally to praise him the way you do even though he's a bum. Besides, I base my determinations on what I see on the field not on ridiculous personal reasons or illusions (or delusions).