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Re: Nationals @ Indians, Game 2
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Dude no offence, but do you like ever go out and have fun? You seem like someone who is really strict and dosent like being around other people. I mean you really really seem to hate this stuff. The owners get the point that you should have "Fun" at the ballpark. Thats why their always going on about being more fan freindly, and fan interaction stadium.

I hear where you're coming from but the owners do it because it's in their interest to provide the illusion that a baseball game is fun because there are so many 'fun' things to do (it makes them money). As far as going out to have fun, I'm too old for that anymore. Believe me I've done more than my share of running around. My entertainment now consists of watching baseball, football and reading with a little this and that mixed in  ;). And although I'm not very strict I am a loner.