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Re: Nationals vs Indians, Game 2
« Reply #175: June 23, 2007, 10:43:18 PM »
another thing overlooked is Chad blowing the save. Single, Single, Jack. Bravo Chad! If Chad just limits the damage and doesn't throw batting practice to Victor the game is over and there is No Nook dispute.

No that hasn't been ovelooked. He's the main culprit for this loss.

At least it wasn't a double play ball - the Nats still have a chance with Mr. Clutch, bases loaded and a drawn in infield, up at the plate ... sigh ... coulda woulda shoulda - ok ... clearly the only way to get over this is to fire up the Mai Tais ... :)

Well there were already two outs at that point so the infield would not have been drawn in. Nice idea on the Mai Tai's  ;)

One thing about being in Hawaii is the 6 hour time difference - so I'm pretty much on vampire time :) ... I've been up by about 5:00 am every day ... I have a pretty full day tomorrow (I'm running a conference of about 4000 people) so I hope to catch an inning or two ... you all have a great night ...

And here I thought you were out there with your family on a pleasant vacation. I know the gig has to be tough (poor wpa  :() but I guess somebody's gotta do it.  :lol: