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Re: Nationals vs Indians, Game 2
« Reply #175: June 23, 2007, 10:41:45 PM »
Ok .... small consolation I know - but the Tigers and Indians are two of the BEST teams in all of baseball - the fact that we basically had the 2nd win in a row all but in the bag is pretty darn good considering - the Indians have the best interleague record of anyone - so while I'm disappointed and bummed about tonight's outcome - I'm feeling pretty good about the way the team is playing the Indians ...

Ya, but it blows big time that instead of going for the sweep and really truly turning this week into a success we are at best going to finish the week 2-4. I think our chances of winning tomorrow are great, Westbrook is hot garbage. He was getting shelled in his AAA rehab stint in my home city of Buffalo.