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Re: Sheinin piece on Marrero
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Great article on a great prospect!

Chris really looks like he has his head on straight and isn't letting any hype or things like "just like Pujols" get in his way or change the way he does things.  Reminds me a lot of Ryan Zimmerman in that respect.  Its lovely that not only does the DC organization seem to support him and his growth but also his family. 

Could it be fate?  Destiny?  I was reading that article and the name of Chris' father is Bladimir Marrero.  Sort of looks and sounds like "Vladimir Guerrero" who was quite the prospect for this franchise awhile back.

If Marrero continues to improve like he has and moves up the ladder, I have no doubt we are potentially looking at the Nats future big slugger.  This kid has got bat!  I hope to see Chris in action sometime soon.