Author Topic: Fruto and Balester selected for the Futures Game  (Read 1421 times)

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Colome, even though he's great, would only make it if we didn't have anyone playing all-star caliber baseball. Dmitri should make it if he keeps it up. Colome would be our pity pick from the league. The Royals always get the pity picks in the AL

I think the main reason that Colome is mentioned as a possibility is because pitchers are picked by LaRussa, and because at least one National has to go, he may choose a pitcher instead of an extra stick. That being said, I would still think Colome would be a long shot regardless, because typically the pitchers taken are either top starters or closers as they all become relievers except whoever starts. It is hard to imagine a middle-relief/setup guy ever getting taken. I really just want Dmitri to be selected. No one is more deserving, and no one else is really deserving at all.