Author Topic: Nationals have alot of clutch up on Yankees  (Read 286 times)

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Nationals have alot of clutch up on Yankees
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Besides the fact that they came back and beat them twice last year, heres a crazy one that went down in MLB 07.
3 of my freinds were over, and we did 2 on 2, like take turns batting and than one would be all time pitcher/Defence. They quickly got 2 HR's on us and lead 4-0, than next inning it was 5-0. After that we go and score 2 runs, and in 9th we get 5 runs on a 3 run Church walk off double and 2 run single from Zim!
Yes, most of you probaly could care less but it was just insane with all the trash talking they were giving us, than bam there all quiet. And Zim does it again xD