Author Topic: Nationals @ Blue Jays, Game 2  (Read 12499 times)

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Re: Nationals @ Blue Jays, Game 2
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We gotta take this series. I didn't mind the Jays fans last night, but I sure didn't like them. They really know nothing about baseball. Anyways, hopefully Vale' has found the magic touch.

By the way even though we lost last night, i had an awesome time! I got all 4 of my favorite players autographs (Zimmerman, Nook, Belly, Jesus C) and I added Nicky J in there for good measure. My favorite by far was Belly. He was great. He flicked me a piece of bazooka just for the hell of it probably b/c i was a Nat fan. Then i yelled "Start Ronnie at first" after Young made an error, and he looked at me laughed and gave me a thumbs up. Ronnie is a cool guy, i really thought he'd be one of the players not open to autographs but he was one of the most fan friendly players at least to me.